we create our future with vision, not by looking back

I help you with:

define your present situation and challenges,
gain clarity,
expand awareness,
shift perspectives.

Although living abroad is a big adventure, expatriate families face tremendous challenges in adjusting to different cultures, integrating into a new society, relationship misunderstandings and many other issues.

Experience has shown, that family support through coaching is the basis for efficient and effective job performance.
My coaching is based on the fact that within each of us dwells creativity and resourcefulness!

I offer a positive perspective, that life offers so many opportunities to change and grow.

My clients are encouraged to make new observations and are empowerd to find creative solutions. I create an enviroment that allows new perspectives, clarity and action.

I assist my clients in discovering and aligning life to their unique values.

I help them identify self- defiting beliefs and create a space to powerfully create their own vision for reaching goals.

We explore and define waht to focus on now. Setting up new priorities and healthy structures for your family.
Togehter we explore your strengths and resources.

I offer…

Family Consulting which provides guidance & solutions to families; helping to navigate through a difficult and possibly turbulent time.

Pre & Postnatal Homecare; a service that is tailored to your individual needs, helping you through the first stages with your newborn baby.
Are you suffering from anxiety and depression after your baby is born?
It´s a scary place without much support unfortunately to feel lost and alone with little ones to look after.

Consulting Workingmoms; getting back to work on a healthy level…since birth takes you places you have never been before.

Systemic- Business/ Life Coach

A deeply rooted curiosity for people and cultures, and the understanding of their individual needs for mental wellbeing is a recurrent theme in my professional career.

Following my BA in educational sciences, sociology and social psychology, I have been constantly continuing my education while working in the human resources department. I am certified in systemic counseling, non – medical Psychotherapy, relaxation therapist, NLP.

Furthermore I am a licensed personal Coach and Trainer for kids and adults and consultant focused on employers, expatriates and their partners and family.

In 2012 I decided to go freelance, offering my services to individuals and corporations alike.

Kris Lunemann
Beratung & Coaching, Seminare und Weiterbildungen

My journey, my love for my coaching business,my passion for taking clients beyond any limits they set themselves, my love for asking questions. JOY